Tree Care

Are you the benefactor of a new street tree? These handy tips will help your tree grow into a proud tree citizen!

Water? During the dry months it is important to keep your tree watered but not flooded. Every two weeks give it enough water to go deep into the roots.

Leaning? Is your tree at an odd angle? Contact us and we will have a volunteer come out and set it right.

Pruning? Sometime in 2012 our volunteers will hold a pruining workshop. You are welcome to join us give our newest members a cut and trim.

Benefits of Trees:

Tree planting improves West Oakland’s environmental quality of life. 
Trees reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and can help cut air conditioning and heating use…all of which helps to lower the amount of emissions released into the air we breath. Trees also become part of the urban recyclable waste stream and help mitigate polluted stormwater runoff.

Tree planting strengthens West Oakland’s community and social network and sense of place.
The tree-planting initiative engages residents, students, local businesses, community organizations and others in West Oakland and provides opportunity for these diverse stakeholders to volunteer their efforts and work together for neighborhood improvement.

Tree planting creates a greener, more beautiful West Oakland.
Trees are especially important in cities…providing shade, creating locations for recreation and supporting urban wildlife. Studies have also shown well-planted and maintained trees to increase property values and the local tax base.

Trees also:

Reduce the quantity of air borne sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and small particulates, including PM10

Reduce air temperature thereby reducing the production of smog and ozone.

Are an effective buffer at screening out and reducing urban noise.

Create biodiversity in urban areas by providing habitats for diverse populations of birds, mammals & insects.

Shade buildings and reduce building temperature thereby reducing energy consumption due to the use of air conditioning.