West Oakland Green Initiative

Thank you for being part of the effort to make West Oakland a better place for all of us. If you've recently received a new tree in front of your home, the TREE page in the menu on the left describes how to care for it.
The new tree in front of your home has been planted by the West Oakland Green Initiative, which is a collaboration of Council Member Nancy Nadel, West Oakland Project Area Committee, Service for Peace, City of Oakland Tree Services Division, West Oakland Commerce Assoc., Port of Oakland, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, the McClymonds Neighborhood Assoc., West Oakland Neighbors, Inc., Oak Center Neighborhood Assoc., Village Bottoms Neighborhood Assoc., South Prescott Neighborhood Assoc., Prescott Neighborhood Assoc., Oakland Point Neighborhood Assoc., Friends of the Urban Forest., & the Oakland Commerce Corp.    

Interested in a tree? Send us your email and address and we will send you an official city tree request form as well as let you know if your location fits the City's planting criteria on sidewalk and utility clearance.

Ready to volunteer? Send us an email and we'll keep you in the loop!

You can email West Oakland Green Initiative directly at WOGImail@gmail.com  or use the form below:

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